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How to Hack Facebook: Easy tutorial through Z shadow website.

How to Hack Facebook: Easy tutorial through Z shadow Website.

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Hacking someone's facebook account is the most searched topic on google. But ,yet there isn't any method through which one can hack facebook. But yet, I have tried to get a method you can do phishing and try getting the person's username and password. Here's the video , just click on the play button and watch the video.

 Video Details:

How to hack facebook. This is a detailed video on hacking facebook by creating phishing pages.The fact is that facebook cannot be hacked, It's just a intelligent task to obtain one's username and password. After watching this video you can say I know something about how to hack facebook.This video is based on z shadow website.Easy tutorial. Though you need to understand that you cannot hack facebook but still you can fool people by this trick and get their username and password and once you get the username and password the whole work is done for you.

Step Wise Illustrations :

1.  Open z shadow.
     Here's the link :

2.  Click on the sign up option and create a account.

3. After loging in select the options in the main screen and choose a type. Make sure the type looks similar to the original one . 

4. Then  you'll get your link and then share the link to the person you want to track.

5. Go to your z shadow profile. If that person opens the link you sent him then , you'll get his username and password.

Thus you can have his password and username and use it.

Make sure, you will use this technique in a good way.  
If you want a counter measure to this technique then drop a comment and I'll write a post about it too.
That's all for How to hack facebook : easy tutorial through z shadow website . 

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