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How To Remove Watermark From Free Screen Recorder ?

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How To Remove Watermark From Free Screen Recorder ?

Free Screen Recorder is a tool to record your PC screen but with a Watermark. But Removing Watermark From Free Screen Recorder can become so handy. Because it can get the work done for free and you don't have to pay a single penny. To Remove Watermark From Your Free Screen Recorder you need to make sure that the steps you follow should be proper or else you won't be able to get the watermark removed . There's a video given below , just click on the play button and start watching the video.

 Video Details: 

This tutorial is based on Removing Watermark From Free Screen Recorder. This complete tutorial is in hindi, so that it can be understood better. 

Coming to the video , below are the steps given to remove the watermark from free screen recorder.

Step 1 : Download the Free Screen Recorder software from the below given link

Step 2 : After installing the software, click on the properties of the software

Step 3 : click on the open file location and go to file and then go to language folder.

Step 4 : Open the english text document given there.

Step 5 : Search watermark and then remove the Thundersoft watermark from the file.

Step 6 : Save that file to some other location and then copy the saved file to the original file location.

Step 7 : check whether the watermark is removed or not.

And you'll get your watermark removed from the videos you record.

That's all for this post (How To Remove Watermark From Free Screen Recorder) .

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