How to Use Others Whatsapp ?

 How To Use Others Whatsapp ?

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If you really want to use someone's whatsapp account, then this video is for you. Watching this video , you will know how to access someone else's whatsapp account. But before , you proceed make sure, you don't have an evil thought. Just click on the video and start watching.

Video Details:

This video is about accesssing other persons whatsapp account.This is done by a simple trick . Just you need to use whatsapp web and the whole part is done . It is just a simple trick . If you have any problems then drop them in comments and ill answer it or you can take the help of this youtube video.

This is a detailed video of How to use others whatsapp or you can say that How to use whatsapp in computer.This complete video is in hindi.

Steps To Use Another Person's Whatsapp Account :

1. Open the other person's whatsapp account

2. Click on the setting tab

3. Go to your laptop and open web.whatsapp

4. Go to the person's mobile and in setting find whatsapp web

5. scan the qr given in the laptop screen with the mobile

Enjoy accessing the whatsapp account of that person in your laptop. 

But, you have to make sure that you dont harm a person using this technique. This echnique can also be used for your work simplicity. You can do multi tasking with this techniqure. You can use twice of your whatsapp account , one through your mobile and one through your laptop.
That's all for this post(How To Use Others Whatsapp). 


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