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Java Program Without Using Semicolon ( ; )

 Java Program Without Using Semicolon ( ; )

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Writing a java program without using semicolon (;) is a tricky task. But there are measures that can make you write a program without using semicolon. But before that, watch the video given below. Just click on the play button and start watching the video.

Video Details:

A basic java program without using semicolon. The fundamentals behind it are also given.There are many technique to design a program in C C++ JAVA and other coding languages without using termination points.

Java is the basic necessity in today's programming world. If you know java then this is enough to get you any kind of job in this country.

All you got to do is watch this video and learn how to code in java without using semicolon. This can be performed in other platforms too like c and c++. 

The Exact Code To Write A Java Program Without Using Semicolon (;)

class Saicustom
   public static void main(String []args)
                if(System.out.printf("Hello World")==null)
       {    }




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