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Apex Legends give's strong competition to PUBG || Apex legends vs PUBG

Apex Legend give's strong competition to PUBG  || Apex legends vs PUBG


If you want to watch a video of the gameplay and try comparing it with pubg then, here the video. Just click on the play button and start playing pubg.

Hi friends, This game is really a good game. I have played this game myself. And I hope this is the game giving strong competition to PUBG. I suggest you all to at least play this game once.
And this game has got quite a good response.And finally this game has come to the First position in 2019 ranking of best games.

Video Details:

Apex legends is a game that can give a strong competiton to PUBG and many more such games. As because it has a much more graphics quality than other games.  It has the same gaming experience like pubg but has a better weapons music and other tools in it. The property which makes it better than other games is its graphics quality. Here also you land and have to kill 100 people. And the last man alive is the winner just like pubg. I would suggest you all to atleat try this game once. May  be it would give you a good experience or a bad one. It all depends on you.
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