Unboxing Redragon Gaming Mousepad

 Unboxing Redragon Gaming Mousepad

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 Here's the video of unboxing redragon gaming mousepad, if you want to watch the button, just click on the play button and start watching.

This complete unboxing is in hindi.This is a detailed video on Unboxing Redragon Gaming Mousepad.

Price -  340/-  rs.
This video was the unboxing of redragon mousepads.These are usually used for gaming experience. This provides up with a much heated gaming performance. These are better performable with only the gaming mouse liek logitech g402 hyperion fury and other gaming mouse.

(This gaming mouse is the best gaming mouse. I have been using this gaming mouse since 3 months and there hasn't been a single damage to it.) This quote is after the unboxing and after 3 months.

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