Check Who visited your facebook Profile

 Check Who visited your facebook Profile

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In-order to know the exact technique to check who visited your Facebook profile recently. You need to follow some of the methods listed below:

Step 1: First go to

Step 2: Go to your profile 

Step 3: Then on your profile just right click on your mouse.

Step 4: click on the view page source 

Step 5: press CTRL + F and find initialchatfriendslist.

Step 6: Then you can see that there are so many numbers written  there.

 Step 7: You can see so many numbers indicated with the red mark. You have to search them
              on your own computer.
Step 8: Then go to your facebook profile and edit the url.
             You just have to fill those numbers in the blanks indicated. 

Step 9: And then your last visitor's account will be shown to your screen.  

That's all for this video(Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile)

Video Details:

This is a detailed video in hindi showing methods to check who visited your facebook profile last.

Everyone present here would like to know who checks your profile on a daily basis. In this video ill be teaching you to check your daily viewer of your profile.
Ok. All you need to do is inspect your profile page.
Right click on the profile page and select inspect
Then use ctrl + F and find a keyword i.e initialchatfriendslist   then you will see so many of the numbers listed . These are your profile viewers and each number indicate a profile . Just click on a number and copy it as a whole and paste it in the website section and it will show a profile. this profile was the viewer of your account. Now you can check any of the number as each number indicates a profile. Just after watching this video drop a thumb up that is a like and do share this video.

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