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Everything Without Password || Google's next big thing

Everything Without Password || Google's next big thing

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Everything Without Password || Google's next big thing. This reveals that google is soon going to launch a new technology, that is going to benefit us in many ways. One of the benefit we are going to have is that we'll have a new security model.
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Video Details:

Google has announced to launch a technology in which everything goes password-less.
This new tech is a big revolution in today's world. It can reduce your day to day password issues.
You don't have to remember any more of your password. All you need to have is a finger hahaha. Sorry for the joke but yes its true, all you need to have is your finger print scanner and your finger.
Your finger will act as a password for all the platforms. This feature will be available for all the android version 7 and prior to it.
This would let no more phishing attacks to be possible because you don't need to have any more of your passwords and your finger scanner cannot be used for anymore devices other than yours.
Lets see when this update will be there in your mobiles. Waiting for the update, and the big revolution.

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