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How To Be A Hacker ?

 How To Be A Hacker ?

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Becoming a hacker in today's world is everyone's dream. But, fulfilling this dream is the most complicated one. There are some true facts, first you need to know these.The most important of them was " Inorder to be a hacker, you need to think like a hacker. And using tools cannot make you a hacker. You need to think how to break a code, then you can be a hacker."

You need to watch this video to know about it completely.

Video Details:

This is a basic video on how to be a hacker. This complete video is in hindi.

The Fundamental skills you need to be a hacker are :

1.Basic Computer skills
2.Linux Skills
3.Networking Skills
4.Security concepts and Technologies
5. Wireless technologies
7.Database skills
 And many more skillls. Because its not an easy task to be a hacker

But the most important point you need to have to be a hacker is to think like a hacker

Starting with the topic :
First and foremost start learning linux. Because of linux you can atleast start learning about the tools required to learn hacking. I know tools are used for playing but it gives you a basic idea that from where you should start. Linux have many tools like metasploit, fatrat , wireshark, burpsuite and many more which can let you start working with the linux.

The next is that you need to have sufficient knowledge of networking and due to it you can perform various network based attacks. you dont have to go for the ccna paper but you should go for the knowledge of networking. And in order to get a job at hacking you need to qualify ceh that is certified ethical hacking paper which can cost you up to 70,000 rs.

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