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How To Identify A Phishing Page ?

How To Identify A Phishing Page ?

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Identifying Phishing pages is not a big deal. You just need to focus on some technical terms:

1.The website should not be HTTP form. Because if you are seeing a good website then, definitely  that should not be having a HTTP beginning.

2. The colors of the website should be like the original one.
3. The layout also should be identical.

4. Make sure, that you don't enter your username and password , if it seems suspicious.

Some, more details will be available in the video, do check that too.

Video Details:

This is a detailed video on How to Identify A Phishing Page.
Complete video being in hindi.
Phishing page is a fraud attempt to gain your personal information.This is an example of social engineering used to deceive users.Users often get lured by communications tending to be trusted parties such as web sites, auction sites, banks etc.

How to Create A phishing page for Facebook:
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Types Of Phishing :

1. Spear phishing
2.Clone Phishing
3. Whaling
4. Link Manipulation
5.Filter evasion
6. Website forgery
7. Convert Redirect
8.Social engineering
9. Voice Phishing

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