Subcriber Count In Mobile's Home Screeen

Subcriber Count In Mobile's Home Screeen

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 In-order to put subscriber count in your mobile home screen. There are some steps that needs to be followed.All you have to do is follow those steps and your subscriber count will be available in the mobile home screen.

Steps To Add Subscriber Count In Mobile's Home Screen: 

Step 1: First download the app Realtime Subcriber Count.
Step 2: Then open that app and then go to search and search your channel name.
Step 3: Go to widget's of your mobile and then add realtime subscriber count in that.

Then, here your go. You get your realtime subcriber count in your mobile home screen.
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Video Details:

This is a detailed tutorial on putting subscriber count in mobile home screen and being with the daily update of increase or decrease of the subscribers.
Live subscriber count is displaying your increase or decrease of subscribers in your mobile home screen. You have to use it in a form of widget and then you can see the daily update of the subscriber.
Everyone is font of watching their subscribers increasing or decreasing on a daily basis.Then this video is only for you.Through this you can also track the subscriber count of other YouTube's also. If you want to check the exact earning of some top YouTube's. Then you can use
This website tracks down the estimated earning of the YouTube's. 

If you want to see a video on this too then I've given the link below this line:

In this video I have shown how do we track the YouTuber's estimated earning. Then through it you can also track the exact earning and so on.

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