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Adsense Approval in 3 Days

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In Order to know how to get your Adsense approval in 3 days. You need to keep some setting properly. Here's a video given, you can watch that and get some of your views in tact.

We are having solution to almost every problem faced during the adsense approval. All you need to do is have proper attention and follow the steps given below.

Video Details:

This video is about adsense.
In this video you'll get all the basic details about how to  get your adsense approved within 3 Days.
You need to take care of few things.

Those Few Things are as follows:

Your blog or your page should be original i.e it should not be  copied.

The Post which you post on your website should be your's i.e should not be copied. And post should not be about nudity or pornographic content should not be there.

You need to see that you have an atleast of 20 posts in the blog.And all those post should have atleast a total of 100 words.

All the pages which you have made should be filled. There should not be any page which is unfilled.

Fifthly And The Most Important One:
There should be some important pages present. Those important pages are:
2.Privacy Policy
3.About Us.

While you have given your website for the adsense approval don't post any content or dont update your website within those days (Dont do anything to your website). Otherwise your website will not be approved.

Now Go and apply for the adsense approval. your website will be approved within three days.

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