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Why youtuber's never livestream IPL || Getting copyright to your youtube acount.

Video Details:

This video is about, why the youtubers never stream IPL.

Basically coming to the streaming part. First of all you can stream only those on which you have your authority. You cannot stream those on which you dont have your authority.
Coming to the IPL section . You know that IPL belongs to BCCI and not being anyone's property. And they make a huge amout of money. So, the BCCI does not allow anyone else to make IPL stream because it can be done only by those who have permission and those are like hotstar, Set Max and many more channels.

And if you livestream IPL into your own channel then, you get a copyright because you dont have permission to steam IPL.And if you do so , you get a straight copyright notice from BCCI.
And you can also have first community strike to your youtube channel.

So coming to the conclusion part. Dont stream anything thats not your property or is not your original part or video.

Thank you.

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