How To Add Endscreen To Our Youtube Account ?

 How To Add Endscreen To Our Youtube Account ?

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This video is about adding endscreen to youtube. You might be thinking it's not a big deal, but if you think so then you are completely wrong.

Adding endscreen actually gives you some more views to your youtube channel. When you add an endscreen , It looks somethingk like this.

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You can see that, it contains two videos link and two youtube page links. When someone finishes watching the video and likes the video. Then he wants to see more of that video and clicks on the next video listed and so he gets some more views.

Step 1: Go to your video manager
Step 2: Click on Endscreen option
Step 3:(You get a total of 23 seconds gap for the outro of your page.)
 Click on the Add element button.
Step 4: Click on the subscribe tab or the video tab .
Step 5: Drag it to the place you want to keep the tabs in your screen.
Step 6: Click on the subscribe button and give the channel link in the subscribe space given.
Step 7: For videos you get three sections - (a) Most Recent Upload
                                                                       (b) Best For Viewer.
                                                                       (c) Choose a Video.
            Among this three section select your part and give the video link or select the video.
Step 8: Click on save and your endscreen is ready.

If you want to make an Outro for your youtube endscreen, then click on below given link.
Click Here For Endscreen Outro.

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