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How To Set Google Analytics To Youtube Account ?

How To Set Google Analytics To Youtube Account ?

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In-order to  Set Google Analytics for your YouTube account. There are some steps that should be followed.

What Is Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics is web analytics platform which is offered by Google . It helps us track the traffic and the reports .It was launched  in November 2005 after acquiring developer Urchin. 

Benefits Of Google Analytics :

Through Google Analytics, you can track your data. And In terms of your YouTube account. You can check your daily data i.e the new users and old users or you can say the returning users. Through this you can have your knowledge, that which country is watching your data and what are the searched keywords. And according to that you can make more and more videos related to that keyword.

It also given you an estimate of your earning. The earning attained by the account is also reflected in Google Analytics.  


 Steps To Add Google Analytics To Youtube Account :

Here are some quick steps showing How To Set Google Analytics To YouTube Account ?

Step 1: Go to your Google Analytics or visit this website :

Step 2: Now login through your Google account

Step 3: Now go to the admin part (Situated in the lower left side)
 find admin in google analytics, admin , google analytics , google analytics for youtube Step 4 : Click on that admin and on ACCOUNT . Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT

Step 5:  Fill the required details , i.e your account name and your web address and make sure     your web address should be without the http, because it's already mentioned there. 

Step 6: And then click on the Get Tracking Id

Step 7: Copy that tracking id 

Step 8: Go to your YouTube account and YouTube Studio beta

Step 9: Next go to your Creator Studio Classic (Because initially you will be at creator studio and you need to go to creator studio classic because creator studio is confusing).

Step 10: Go to channel and then go to Advanced. 

Step 11: Scroll down and go to Google Analytics property tracking ID and paste you Tracking id which you have copied in step 7

And then your Google Analytics will be installed in your YouTube account.

Your Google Analytics for your YouTube will be activated within 2 days.

Video Reference :

If you want to have a video tutorial for the above method used . Then here's the video. Just click on the play button and start watching.

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