How To Make GIG On Your Fiverr Account ?

How To Make GIG On Your Fiverr Account ?

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  First create a GIG profile, make a fiverr account : 

Video Reference :

If you want to take the help of a video and make a gig , then here's a video just click on the play button and watch the complete video:

In order to make a GIG on your Fiverr account,that ranks in the orders section.
You need to follow the below listed methods:

Steps To Make A GIG :

Overview : 
how to write overview for your new gig

Step 1: First go to your profile and click on Create a new GIG

Step 2: Then choose a nice title , that suites you according to the gig you want to  create. And 
             make sure the GIG tells everything about the order. And you don't have  to add 
              "I  will"  because that is already written.

Step 3:  Next add a category on which you want to gig to rank .(And if you gig is about 
             converting PDF files to word or excel then, the category chosen should be 
             "Programming & Tech > Converting").

Step 4: Then you have to add 5 tags and you have to make sure that the tags should be identical
             to the title you have placed( For converting the tags should be "converting, pdf to word
             word to pdf, pdf , word") . Click on save and continue.


Scope & Pricing

how to fill up the scope and pricing for your gig

Step 1: You need to fill all three basic , standard and premium options.

Step 2: In the basic offer the minimum i.e for converting from PDF to word , use this " In the 
             basic  put 5 PDF documents and in the standard put 10 then in the premium use 15 and
             so on " .

Step 3: Now add proper description about the order i.e it should be exactly what you are 
             offering, not more then that and not less than that.

Step 4: Make the delivery time short enough for it to look attractive.

(Whatever you write make sure to make sure that it should be attractive, so that the clients should be lured to it. )

Step 5: Don't make any further changes and click save and continue. 


how to write description of your gig
Here comes the most important part , the Description , you have to write exactly what you want the users to know about your GIG,And you also have to make your gig to about 120 characters long.

I'm Sharing a sample of my description for my GIG.

data entry / converting / word to PDF / PDF to word / convert PDF

Respected Buyer's Welcome To My Gig,
If you are looking for a professional person for data entry and needs to get your PDF or other documents converted, then you are at the right place.

Following Services Are Included In The Gig,
  1. Converting the documents.
  2. Formatting.
  3. Building tables.

"Customer Satisfaction Is My Guarantee"

Note: Please contact me before placing an order.

Thank you,

Your Regards

Suraj Kumar

 Whatever I've written here , this is the exact format for writing a description for your GIG.

There are few things you need to mention in your description .Those few things are listed below:
1. All the tags you have used should be written in the description head.
2. You need to welcome people to your gig.
3. You need to mention the list of services mentioned in your gig.
4. You need to mention them to contact you before placing an order.
5. Give your regards to them. 



how to make requirements for your gig
In this requirements section, you need to write  some of the important documents you require for you work completion.
Whatever you ask them , they has to provide , so make sure to ask them the documents , that are of good resolution, good size, and have good images . The images should not be blurry.


Build Your GIG Gallery: 
how to make gallery for your gig
Then , you have to build your gig gallery. So, that it makes your profile complete and also makes the client able to hover over your profile. 

I am sharing one of my GIG image , which I have made :

how to make a gig for fiverr account, make a gig, convert pdf to word, how to convert pdf to word file, convert from pdf to word or excel

And you also have to make sure that the GIG image should be named as the tags used in your GIG. 

Then click on submit after adding all of your images and videos and files. Then click on save and continue and hence your gig will be uploaded.

That's all for this post (How To Make GIG On Your Fiverr Account ?



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