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Original Zeb-Soul Wireless earphone only @ 3149/-

Original Zeb-Soul Wireless earphone only 

@ 3149/-

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Price Offered - 3149/-Offered Cashback - 40/-

Note : To avail the cashback money go and submit product details to request cashback options or click here

Product Details:

1. 11.5 * hours of playback :

Listen to your favourite music all day with 11.5 hours of playback time on a single charge.

2. AAC : Advanced Audio Encoding :

Supports advanced coding to ensure better quality and loseless audio transmission

3. Splash Proof

4. Dual Pairing :
Pair two bluetooth devices at one time.

5. Magnetic Earpiece:

Easy to stow around your neck when not in use

6. CSR Chipset :

This earphone comes with a advanced CSR chipset producing flawless audio quality with an extended battery life using a lightweight battery. An advanced charging algorithm with temperature control for faster charging.

7.  Multi Function Buttons:
Hands free design with dedicated buttons to wirelessly answer or reject calls in a single click and also to control the music playback.
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