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How To Check Monthly Traffic Of A Website ?

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In Order to Check the monthly traffic of a website , there are some steps that need to be followed. But before that let's talk about the need of knowing someone's monthly traffic or your own website monthly traffic

Knowing someone's traffic can let you get known to the competition you're facing. The amount of traffic got by your competitor can let you boost up your traffic too. After knowing his traffic may be you'll go on creating more and more back-links which would help you get more and more traffic. Or you will even advertise your website post to boost your traffic.So through these you can boost your traffic or etc.

So now let's talk about checking traffic of a website.

Video Reference To Check The Traffic :

Watch this video to know the exact procedure of the same.

Following are the steps to check the monthly traffic of a website:

1.First search for a chrome extention i.e SimilarWeb.

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2. Add the extension to your chrome browser.
3. Once it is added to your chrome refresh your browser and open any website .
4. Then once the website loads completely, click on the extension , then this extension would            show you the details of a website , ie. Rank, Monthly traffic, Bounce rate, average vistit,              location of maximum traffic and other details.

So, after this you can start comparing your website , with your competitors website and know your position.

Note : This extension does not shows the reports of new traffic, it only shows the traffic of websites which contain some traffic into it.

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