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How To Make Wifi Hotspot Using Notepad

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Creating HOTSPOT from your computer can help you in many ways , like you can make it a little bit more secure and you can also create your hotspot with you yourself using Vpn. This one will be a little bit more secure. It will be because your internet connection will be coming from one VPN to another IP and then to your IP. So this is how making WIFI HOTSPOT using NOTEPAD will help you.

Video Reference For Creating Hotspot:

If you don't understand the below written text then you can watch this video and understand the topic.
So, here's the video:

If you didn't understand through the video , then here's the details.

Method To Create Wifi Hotspot

Here we have some of the steps written below for you to understand how you can make Wifi Hotspot Using Notepad.

following steps are:

1. Open notepad and copy paste the below written code.

"netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=diveintotech key=div3!ntot3ch
netsh wlan start hostednetwork"

Here the one colored in pink is the username of the WIFI CREATED.
And the one colored in green is the password of your HOTSPOT.

This whole code was to create and start the hotspot .

2. Now paste the below written code to stop the hotspot.

"netsh wlan stop hostednetwork"

This one will help you stop your hotspot.

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