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Facebook's Forecast App Will Help Predict The Future

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Now Facebook will help predict the future with a new Forecast App. Actually Facebook wants to make predictions taking some help from the experts. This app will conduct polls and the experts will be there to vote. Facebook have launched this app on IOS platform through which Facebook wants to crowd-source predictions.

This invite-only beta app allow members to post and answer questions through which they can discuss and distill knowledge.

"People are increasingly searching for information to help them understand what the world might look like tomorrow, next month, and beyond," Rebecca Kossnick, Facebook product lead, wrote in a blog announcement. "We believe that a community built around predictions is not only a good way to surface crowdsourced wisdom, but may also help to encourage healthier online conversations across a broad range of topics."

According to the companies website “We'll be approving users in batches, starting with members of the health, research, and academic community in the US and Canada,”.

The company has already posted so many polls on the Forecasting App for the forecasting purpose. Well the plan is simple the question is posted and the polls has to be done in yes/no.

Video Reference :

Here's the video of the forecast app , and how is it going to work, everything is shown into this video.

Conclusion :

The company which brought up some of the great apps like Voice Call Service Catch Up, Apple watch kit forecast etc, have brought up this app Forecast too.With the current COVID-19 Pandemic the NPE team is currently only recruiting IOS users from the North American Health, Research, Academic Communities. And other interested candidates can wait. This Facebook's Forecast App Will Help Predict The Future
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