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How To Speed Up Internet Using DNS Settings

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Fast Internet Connection is a great enjoyment. But it can be very painful also. So here's the trick about How To Speed Up Internet Using DNS Settings. Yes, here a trick which can help you Speed Up Internet By Using a small DNS Change. This technique does not increases your internet very much . But it can increase your internet to some limit.

Here we have a small trick. You just need to follow some steps and then you can easily increase your internet speed. But before that you need to check your speed. So, that you can be sure that there's an increase in your internet speed.

In order to check your connection speed. You can visit two different websites. The first is :
These two websites can let you know about your connection speed.

Follow these steps to increase your Internet speed:

  1. Right click on your wifi button
  2. Choose the second option (Open Network & Internet Settings)
  3. Choose the second last option (Network & Sharing Center )
  4. Go to Change Adapter Settings
  5. Right click onto the wifi settings and go to properties
  6. Choose IPV4 and double click into it.
  7. Then go to change DNS Settings
  8. Then chanage the dns to
  9. Save the settings done.
Now check the speed into the links given above.
I hope your network connection have been increased now.
In case of any thing you didn't understand , then you can watch this video given down here .

Video Reference :

Just click on this video and start watching this video about speeding up your internet using DNS Settings.

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