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Reason Why Google's Servers Were Down For 45 Minutes


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When we talk about Google we think of something really really big. But what if the SERVERS of GOOGLE are Down For 45 Minutes. It can be really bad feeling when something is so common of being used in this entire world and is shut down. The same thing happened with Google Also, It's SERVERS were shut down for 45 minutes

Google services including GMAIL, YOUTUBE, GOOGLE DRIVE suffered a servers outage on 14th Dec;2020 i.e. this Monday. This lasted for about 45 minutes to be exact. And during this period people were unable to access Gmail or YouTube and even Google Drive.

Reason Behind The Google Server Being Down:

The main reason behind this incident, as told by a Google Spokesperson is that "This outage for about 45 Minutes was due to an Internal Storage Quota Issue". People during this period were facing login error issues and that too on a large scale. And he even said that "All services are now restored and are working fine" He even apologized that this won't be happening in the future ever again.

Consequences Of The Outage :

It is important to know that Gmail and YouTube have over 3.5 Billion users and this outage affected all the users. So, the problem cannot be stated a small problem.
At the peak, a software called recorder more that 1,12,000 issues on YouTube and almost 40,000 for Gmail.

The company spokesperson stated "System Reliability is our Top Priority at GOOGLE and we are making continuous improvements to make out system better".

After the outage mostly Gmail was facing issues and was showing Red for most services of Google.
“We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a majority of users. The affected users are unable to access Gmail. We will provide an update by 12/14/20, 5:42 PM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and may change,” was quoted by an update on Google's Dashboard.

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