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Top 5 Keyboards Under Rs 1000

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Top 5 Keyboards Under 1000 is a really good thought. Here you can get everything about top 5 best keyboards under RS 1000. Before I start with the listing, getting the keyboard is your choice has to be your top most priority.

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Here I have tried listing keyboards which comes under RS 1000 and are best according to my knowledge. So, here I bring to you Top 5 Keyboards Under  1000/-

1.Zebion K200 USB Keyboard

2.Dell KB216

3.HP K1500

4.Lapcare D Lite Plus

5. EVO FOX Fireblade

Price - 205/-

zebion k200

Let's start with the cheapest keyboard, this keyboard comes in the cheapest price available. It's just for RS 205/- which makes it easily affordable. Hence this one comes in rank one and is the best one in the given price.

2. Dell KB 216

Price - 548/-

dell kb216
When it comes to quality this keyboard is used by many people and on a wide range. Almost every house nowadays uses this keyboard. In this price this the best one can get. And when we talk about warranty , then this keyboard comes with a 3 years warranty.

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Price - 749/-
hp k1500

This keyboard here comes with a warranty of 1 year. And this one here is too good when it comes to typing. All the keys are well made i.e keys are proper to press and the finger placing on the keys in also good.

Price - 549 /-
Lapcare D lite plus

Many of people don't like carrying big keyboards. For people who use keyboard with laptop , this one is the best for those people. This keyboard here also comes with a 1 year warranty, which means that this one is also of good quality.

Price -999/-
Evo Fox Fireblade

Many of people here want to use the gaming type keyboard which is filled with RGB Coming through keys. And all they want is the gaming look keyboard. So, here's the find EVO FOX Fireblade keyboard, the one with the gaming look.

So, here I have listed best 5 keyboards under 1000/-

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